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​​Carla Rather, MFT

'a secure bond is the best protection against helplessness and meaninglessness' 

                   - van der kolk

couples counseling

Before deciding that your relationship is irreparable,  reach out to schedule a no charge consultation to learn more about how Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) can transform your relationship.​ Whether there's been infidelity, you're on the brink of divorce, or things just seem hopelessly broken - repair is possible.

When you experience security in significant relationships, you can navigate life's journey in the safety of connection with your mate. When you do not feel safe, insecure patterns perpetuate disconnection. In couples counseling, EFT facilitates new bonding events that redefine the relationship as secure and connected. EFT promotes emotional connection, physical intimacy, improved communication, trust, and parenting with greater efficacy. 

EFT is an empirically validated therapy for couples that is rooted in neuroscience. To learn more, please explore this short video to your right.